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Password manager

100% compliant with GDPR requirements,
data stored within European Union.
Szyfrowanie E2EE


An innovative method of encryption that maximises the level of data security.

Magazynowanie danych w Polsce


All data is stored within the European Union.


perc.pass is fully compliant with The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Weryfikacja dwuskładnikowa

Two-factor authentication

perc.pass uses two-factor authentication (2FA) in order to provide an additional layer of security.


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Shared groups

Shared groups

Manage passwords and data within a group, add and remove users, assign privileges and control access.

Sharing passwords within the organisation is based on zero-knowledge proof and public key exchange, data at rest is additionally encrypted using HSM.

Convenient browser extension

With a perc.pass browser extension, you can seamlessly manage your login data, automatically fill in forms and create new passwords while browsing the web, providing quick access and enhanced security.

Activity log

perc.pass saves events that are key to the functioning of the system by default. Aggregated loggs can be downloaded as a .csv file for further analysis.

Password generator

With a perc.pass password generator, you can create strong, complex character combinations that meet the latest security standards, protecting your accounts against brute-force attacks and unauthorised access.
Password generator

Storage of key documents

Secure storage of not only passwords, but also sensitive files, certificates and documents. The perc.pass drive enables secure storage and exchange of content between group members.

Technical support at your fingertips

Depending on the purchased license, perc.pass offers a designated Helpdesk module that enables administrators to contact our engineers when technical assistance is required or in the case of any doubts regarding the functioning of the application.

Our Offer

Check out our available sales plans and choose the solution which best suits your needs.



0,00 PLN / month*

*free of cost

Manage your passwords free of cost. Looking to secure your personal online accounts? Our individual plan is perfect for you. Encrypt and store your credentials in a secure space with perc.pass.



5,00 PLN / month*

*net price per user if paid annualy, or 6,50 zł if paid monthly.

Secure your online group activity with our team plan, designed for small groups and businesses. Manage access to key information, share passwords and work efficiently together knowing that your data is fully secure with perc.pass.




*price to be agreed upon

The perc.pass business plan is for companies with high priority for data security. Regardless of the size of your organisation, our solution is ready to face the highest security requirements

Try out our premium plan cost free

Want to strengthen the security of your passwords and online data? For one month, you can try out the perc.pass TEAM or BUSINESS plan completely free of charge! Take a look and see if it meets your requirements.
Features Individual Team Business
Users 1 2 - 10 11 -
Data stored in a secure, encrypted cloud.
24/7 access to data from any location [1]
Two-step authentication
Access to personal groups (zero-knowledge encryption)
Encrypted file space 1 MB 1 GB per team 5 GB per team
Unlimited password space
Access to password history
Access to password generator
Access to password cloud in browser
Access to convenient browser extension [2]
Access from an unlimited number of devices
Translation of web portal
Administration panel
Convenient user management
Granting manager privileges
Shared groups
Password complexity requirements for shared groups
Activity logs
Technical support
On-premise implementation
0,00 PLN 5,00 PLN* -
Price per user free net monthly individual

[1] provided the user has internet connection and a device that meets the minimum requirements

[2] supported browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Safari

* net price per user if paid annualy, or 6,50 PLN if paid monthly


Download the app to your phone and have access to perc.pass always.

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Try our browser extension and enjoy the convenience of one-click password completion!

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft Edge




See answers to frequently asked questions.

perc.pass is a modern password manager designed for companies and public institiutions, including a version available for individual users. Our product facilitates the management of passwords and data within a group, regardless of its size, streamlining work with sensitive data by enabling a wide range of operations related to the allocation and control of access to the content.
Yes, perc.pass enables sharing passwords within a group – you can create teams, invite members and share selected passwords. This solution facilitates the management of access to important information within your orgaisation.

The perc.pass password generator creates strong, random passwords that are difficult to guess. You can customise the length, components (lower/uppercase letters, numbers, special characters) and other parameters of the generated passwords in order to ensure a high level of account security.

Yes, zero-knowledge is secure.

It is one of the most secure ways to store sensitive data.

Without zero-knowledge architecture, anyone who hacks into the provider’s servers could gain access to passwords and sensitive information, such as personal data, business information, and employee and customer data stored on users’ operating systems and servers.

In addition to encryption, perc.pass employs rigorous security standards such as two-factor authentication (2FA), device access verification and monitoring for abnormal activity. Our infrastructure is updated regularily, ensuring protection against new threats.

Further, perc.pass checks the security level of passwords according to their strength and complexity and verifies if passwords have been leaked using the haveibeenpwnd.com database.

Yes – TRIAL lets you test the TEAM and BUSINESS plans, which, unlike the INDIVIDUAL plan, support more than one account. Once the TRIAL licence has expired, the user can decide, if they do not wish to renew the TEAM licence, to delete the TRIAL account and switch to the INDIVIDUAL plan.

We encourage you to verify perc.pass technical details, available here

Yes – perc.pass can be implemented as on-premise or SaaS.

No, you can purchase the TEAM plan if you wish to share passwords with e.g. your family.

Our solutions advantage is storage of user data within the European Union – in compliance with the GDPR requirements. The innovative safety mechanisms used make perc.pass stand out from its competitors. Find more technical details in the Security Whitepaper, available here

perc.pass is a solution developed entirely by Perceptus, a Polish company active on the cybersecurity market, securing the IT infrastructure of private and public entities since 2008.

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